Merry Christmas Helen,

How are things going for you this holiday season? I heard you were going through a bit of a rough spot both personally and professionally, but just through reading your words, I can see that you will come out on top. I guess that's what this season is about, looking back on all the happy times from the last year, and finding ways to extend that happiness through the next year.

Things are rather unchanged for me over the last year. Just more connected to my computer than ever, the only difference being that I am enjoying it more than I used to, and have met some really interesting people, if only virtually.

I look forward to hosting Luuk when he has the chance to drop by, and will be sure that you get the picks of our romp through beautiful Sacramento.

I hope that whatever you decide to do for the future, you will keep in touch with all of your faithful readers.

Best wishes to you always, Helen, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year.