Merry Christmas Johnny Huh?,

I guess I've only been reading your site for a few weeks now, but I like every bit of it. Sometimes expressing joy at some cool new toy, like a thermometer, and sometimes rage about who knows what.

Did you like my little joke for the card cover? We all must have our fun. I fully track with your disgust at the salesmanship of Christmas, but I'm sure that you are able to enjoy the season through the little things.

How is the house hunt going? I have been there too, and it is no fun. At the end, I told my wife (ex now), to just pick out whatever she wanted and it would be fine with me. I just got tired of dealing with the brokers, and looking at places that all seemed the same. I did it wrong, but I'm sure you'll do better.

I hope that this year you are able to keep away from the media telling you to buy, buy, buy, and enjoy the real beauty of the season.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year.