Merry Christmas Kaetchen,

The picture on this card may be a little confusing, but it is just because your name reminds me of the German for kitty, though I'm thinking the spelling is not like that. Whatever.

I don't know much about you as yet. I'll get to the archives eventually, but I still have some impression.

The first thing that comes to mind id that you are smart. Almost too smart. This always puts me off, because then I worry that I may have to be more interesting, and really, I sometimes bore myself. Well, that's a lie, but still. I guess it is why the title of your site is funny to me.

From what little I've seen, Scratcher seems to be quite pleased with you, and that's a good thing, because he is a genuinely good guy.

I hope to read more of your site in the near future, and maybe see you around from time to time.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a joy filled New Year.

Oh, and good luck with that mortgage thing.