Merry Christmas Pepper Folks,

Let's see, a site devoted to music and beer? What exactly could be bad about that? I guess it could be bad if everything was taken too seriously, and approached in a snooty manner. You all have managed to totally avoid all that, and deliver useful information in a funny, entertaining way.

I stumbled on you through the Truth Laid Bear contest, and initially planned to link just for the contest, but after reading for a bit, I realized it was too entertaining to drop. Plus you have all those funny links on the side. ASCII Star Wars? That is funny.

I don't drink as much beer as other stuff, but after

reading your posts about beer, I want to go out and do some personal research. 14%? Wow.

In addition to all of that, you are aware of the chicken plot, and that makes you OK in my book.

Bok-COCK!, and Merry Christmas