Merry Christmas Sedalina,

This has to be a merry Christmas for you with forthcoming events. Congratulations on all of that. It sounds like you are very happy, and maybe getting happier all the time.

Must be tough to put in all the extra work, but I'm sure the ultimate rewards will all be worth it. The late nights sound brutal, and getting up so early? I thought I worked long hours.

You are a such a skilled writer, it is absurd. I only hope that at some point you will get the inspiration to write something like a novel or something. I would love to see your try at fiction. Still, if you don't get that inspiration, I hope you will continue to share your life with all of us here in space.

You have a wonderful household, and I am sure that you will all be having the best holidays ever.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.