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Now you can comment on why someone needs to get up off your nutts, or why you shouldn't get up off someone's nutts.

The new way to tell people to get up off your nutts

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josh plaza

hey rachel,

this is the brainchild of mine and my buddy in california. i invite you to use this with all your friends. hope this is recieved in the spirit in which it was intended: good clean american fun.


Commander Plaza needs to get up off my nutts.


oh fuck, this is sooooo beta. the "toggle comments" feature doesn't even work. and, dude, what did you do to that dumpster?


CWhat do you mean it doesn't work? Works fine for me. I didn't do that to the dumpster.


Jello needs to get up off my nuts.


I am requesting to stay up on Guinness's nutts. Josh, that goes for you too. No one is safe- neither are their nutts.

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