How many links do you have?
Do you want to use text color, background color, or background image?
Text Color (Link)
Background Color (Link)
Background Image Right(Link)
Background Image Left(Link)

For text or background color, enter hex code for the color: (#ff6666)

For Image, please enter path (full or relative to page location) to the image, and include image name:
(e.g. ( or (/images/limg.gif) whatever is appropriate for your site.)
You will probably want a rather small image for this.

Please note that if you are using a image you will need to allow for extra width in your own styles to accommodate the image in your page. This will vary based on the image.

Do you prefer to have the links stay lit until another link is rolled over, or would you like it to fade when the link is rolled off?
Roll sample links to demonstrate.
Stay lit     Stay lit
Fade out     Fade out

In this matrix, check the boxes for sites that are linked together. The default is to have the site itself also display the linking, but if you do not desire this (if you have a different hover effect you want to see, for example) unckeck the boxes that link the site to itself. You have the option here of select the sites that link to this site, or selecting the sites that this site links to (incoming or outgoing). This will determine the kind of relationship you want to display.